Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ugly Clutter

Who are the people who clutter every hydro pole and traffic island in Hamilton with signs for house painting, carpet cleaning, exercise classes and sell it yourself real estate? And how do these visual blights appear on our landscape? I seldom see anyone posting them but there must be a veritable army of people out there putting them up. Does all this stuff get posted in the middle of the night?

And, while I am at it, how did we manage to create a society of slobs who plaster a neighbourhood with garage sale signs and then just leave them there to weather and fade for weeks.

Surely, Hamilton, amidst its myriad of bylaws, has something that covers this. And the culprits aren't hard to track down - they all list an address, a telephone number, or an e-mail address.

If bureaucracy can't help us move this blight from those traffic islands that we have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars creating, perhaps it is time for ordinary citizens to register their objections. Maybe we should just call up these offenders and tell them that we don't approve. Perhaps someone needs to create a website that highlights the worst offenders without promoting their products. A few photos in the Spectator might help.


OnSale! said...

Look at it this way. The news paper, particularly your ill famed Hamilton Spectator used to be a fine way to advertise; however, these days there are numerous ways other than the news paper to get an ad out there. For instance, THE INTERNET, and plastering paper on poles. This occurs in every city, my friend. If you want a more sterile city, move to Toronto. It's so frigid there that you won't feel anything at all! There's no heart! Just tall buildings and a multicultural society just like there is here in Hamilton. The only difference is they operate under the guise of a more expensive, fast-paced community, that's too busy to have any time for themselves or a loved one (or likely convinced that they're acting to benefit themselves or a loved one)


The news paper is becoming obsolete. No one reads it anymore! (so good luck getting the Hamilton Spectator to do anything about your disdainful attempt at ad prevention) Why would you when you have the news at the click of a button? And while others are walking about the streets, you're more likely to get those pedestrians to at least look at your ad on the street corner! (and you certainly have, haven't you, hahaha!) Yea, it might look like clutter to you, but eventually these things are taken down by the same pedestrians who are looking at it or the weather. Problem solved... for you...

I see ads all over Locke Street, and most of them relate to events in Hamilton and I think it's drawing positive attention to those businesses. As for the other ads, they're usually advertising or offering assistance to their neighbours. There have always been times of financial struggle, and if a cheap means of advertising offends you and perhaps a few others just to get a few pennies in our pockets, then perhaps you'd all like to help us out instead? Or would you consider this act of generosity just the same as giving some change to a homeless person, who I assume you'd sooner push over into a gutter? Everyone at some point in their lives has needed help to stay standing, and the least you could do is applaud the efforts of those who have ambition.

So you see, we live in a city of 500,000 people. Everyone has a rant or an opinion, but frankly, yours is driven by a false sense of sophistication and ignorance.

OnSale! said...
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