Monday, May 18, 2009

Traditional Jazz returns to Hamilton

Traditional Jazz (popularly referred to as Dixieland or New Orleans style jazz) has only been an occasional offering on Hamilton's music scene. However, there are some signs that this may be changing.

The Southern Comfort Jazz Band, although associated with the Cambridge area, is actually under the leadership of Trevor Hodgson of Dundas. This group has had two recent appearances at the Wichester Arms in Dundas and is slated for another one on Sunday, June 7th.

The band members are all seasoned players of traditional jazz (which admittedly these days draws most of its fan support from a 50+ aged audience). Southern Comfort, like most such groups, has a team of regulars who are sometimes reinforced or augmented by guests. The seasoned regular Southern Comfort lineup is Trevor Hodsgson on clarinet, Peter Sagerman (trombone), Brian Graville (trumpet), along with Gary Tomlin (drums), Bill Stewart (guitar and banjo) and Bryan Day (bass). 

There are some other traditional jazz rumblings in Hamilton too and since I am a loyal fan of the genre I will try to keep you posted. Southern Comfort will be at the Winchester Arms (120 King St., Dundas) from 4-7 pm on Sunday, June 7th. and invite all who love that sort of music to drop in and enjoy some good listening.

Without hiding my conflict of interest I invite you to visit the Southern Comfort website at

Bob Bernhardt